Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Movie Palace Expands

Last night I made dinner for a few crew members: Marcella, Alex and Keturah. We were joined by Carol-Anne McChrystal and her boyfriend Andy.
I had been wondering how best to take advantage of Alex's and Keturah's involvement. They're both so multi-talented, and were so instrumental in so many different ways in helping The MVM complete Une Fleuve Maudit, that I really wanted to be sure I had them both in positions where they could cover as many areas as possible. To that end Alex is actually going to serve as Assistant Producer. He's ideal for this role because of the breadth of his knowledge of film production and post-production. He is a master of Final Cut, DVD Studio Pro and ProTools. He is faboo with any computer. And he is highly skilled with sound and video gear of all sorts. Having him on hand to assist with the filmmaking as well as the theater's sound and video installation will be invaluable.

Keturah will be working with Carol to create a classic movie palace ceiling for the theater. Individually Carol and Keturah are incredible makers with broad and fabulous visions. Together I am certain they will be able to create a tableau for the ceiling that will be as stupendous as any in theater history. We are discussing casting embossed ceiling panels with a space theme. These will be painted and hung with a variety of crystals, stars and other magnificent decorations to transform the ceiling into as phenomenal a vision as the seats and film itself.
I had been toying with different ways to get Carol onto the project. The idea of her and Keturah creating a ceiling is, I think, ideal for their fabulous skills.

As well, The MVM's good friend, and incredible filmmaker, Skye Thorstenson will be back from his NYC sojourn in time to join the crew. Skye is a master of FCP and AfterEffects. He wrote and directed the amazing film The Elk Hotel. Having Skye onboard to handle special effects is going to make Disembody a fabulously watchable film.

This morning I sent my lawyer and my copy editor a second draft of the proposal for the two distribution houses. They should get back to me tomorrow. Then on Monday we can get that sent off and see what happens.

As well, another company I can't talk about openly yet, is a mobile sound producer who may let us use their mobile sound studio to produce the soundtrack. If they come onboard, well that will be pretty fabulous. We'll get a very high end soundtrack CD produced and ready for the film by opening night for certain with their co-operation.

That's all for today. I got a lead on a set designer who may be able to put together the architectural elevations and 3D renderings. I'll follow that up later today.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Firday I Hunt for an Architect

In the never-ending search for an architect, I have sent out an email to the CCA MArch program in hopes that I can find a student with the skills (all of them) and time (none of them) necessary to get the drawings and 3D work done so that we can fundraise in December and January.
Airason, as you know, doesn't have time.
And my LA contact didn't pan out.
A random email two years ago provided me with Ted, that was about as faboo a working relationship and skilled find as one could ever desire. So, maybe I'll get lucky again.

In less frustrating news, Chadwick knows an art film distribution company in Minneapolis that may be interested in Disembody. So that's another potential distribution/investment source. I can't believe that raising money and finding a distributor is ending up to be the easiest part of this projetc. And finding someone to do frickin' basic renderings is what's killing me.


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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thesis is in

Yeah, like you all care, but I disappeared and stopped working on Disembody for a few days while I focussed exclusively on my thesis, so...

Today we got the paperwork in to the Hollywood Reporter about the movie.

My imdb resume is online now.

I may pop for a photo. It's an extra $30, but...
wouldn't it be nice to have production shots?

Got a call from Jonny today. He pointed out that I need to LLC 23E Studios. SO that's on the list now.
He also encouraged em to get him and Erin the info they need for the website.
We are rapidly approaching our shoot dates people!

Not much else to report.

Still no architect. Fucking amazing. I need to put Lockhart on finding a set designer.

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