Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Return of Ted

Yup, you read right, our original architect, Ted Rzad, is back on board! That is stupendous news.
Ted took a break from the project back in September due to family health problems. Those are on the mend, and he called yesterday to jump back into Disembody.
Ted is the architect that designed Portal 3 for The MVM.
He also designed Disembody with us back in August before taking a leave from the project. All of the work Chris and I have done since then builds on the initial vision Ted and I had.
So, you can see why I am so thrilled to have him back.
I am having lunch with him today. We'll catch up and start moving forward. I sent him the sketch-up designs Chris sent me. They are very nice, btw. I'll look into posting them here for you all to see.
Chris' animation should be arriving soon, as well.
So Ted and I will have a lot to work with.
The animation I will definitely post here and on youtube.

I expect to call Susan today and see if she has an idea of when we'll be shooting and building.

As well, the first big action of February will be a crew meeting. I think it's time to assemble everyone and make introductions and get people's ideas floating around in the air.
I will also be able share the sounds and visions of folks like oRSo and Ted and Chris and I. The actual tangible goods generated thus far.

The crew meeting will be the start of the conrete for the piece. C-A and Ket and others will be able to actually start making things.