Friday, October 12, 2007


I spoke with Kam a couple times this week. She's definitely interested in helping design the theater for 23E Studios' Portal 6 production. We're supposed to talk tomorrow to see what we can nail down.

And I spoke with Elise yesterday. She's considering being the editor. So that's great news. I think I can trust her skills and senses to produce a superb documentary under pressure.

No other news.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Not much to report

Spoke with my lawyer today about creating contracts that give investors a continuing share. I had some fancy ideas, but she set me straight. We're going simple. The investors get a cut of any money I make. Neither collectors nor distributors have to deal with them or vice versa. It all goes through me and 23E Studios. Every penny I make, from day one, is divvied up between me and them. Looks like it'll be 1/50th of the gross for every thousand dollars invested.

We also discussed how to handle the project collapsing before it opens and how to legally be prepared for that worst case scenario.

I have asked her to think about how to create a contract that buyers of objects like the architectural model cinemas will have to sign, so that any money they make off resale is shared with investors. Trying to apply the filmic thinking of distribution to unique objects. Janet thinks that the objects are like DVDs and I should let right of first sale apply. But I'd prefer to create a contract that blurs that line and puts the art objects in the same class and on the same footing as the film.

Also asked her about potential new producers, since i'm relatively sure Chuck is going to bail on me.

Haven't heard from Kam. Worrisome.

Can't believe I'm hoping the upoming strike runs through next year just so I don't have to compete for talent. SELFISH!

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hello World

Well it all started back in May.

Susan Joyce from Fringe Exhibitions attended the CCA grad show.
She saw Portal3, bought a catalogue and asked me to come by her gallery when I'm in LA.
Two weeks later I dropped in.
She gave me a wonderful tour of the space and was incredibly kind. She asked me to submit a proposal for Fringe come October.
I told her I had one on me and handed it to her. It was a proposal for July '08.

A couple weeks later she let me know she liked it, but wouldn't know if it was doable until October when she renewed her lease. And so I began this particular adventure. Assuming, as I had to, that come October all would be a go.

Far more has happened since then than can be summed up here. But in bullet points I'll try:

Found a producer interested in producing the film

My architect from Portal3 signed on

The incredibly talented artist/builder David Gurman offers his services in constructing the space

A client told me she was moving her office in June '08 and would need my assistance to manage the office tech needs

I warned Susan that I might need to change the date. Reckoning, nothing ventured nothing gained, I proposed moving my show to September '08. Susan demonstrated the patience of a Saint and didn't kick me to the curb. "Let's talk" she said

My architect disappeared

My producer bailed

I meet with John Chiara and arrange for him to do the silk-screening of the concession stand boxes

My line item budget comes out to $30,000, twice my original estimate

My architect re-appeared with bad news. There is a terrible illness in the family

I get an unsolicited investment of $1,000 from my second executive producer, Carson Murdach (Susan Joyce is of course the first executive producer)

I scramble to find a back-up architect because I know my current guy is way to decent to bail even when his world is crumbling.

I find Kameron (we're still negotiating so I'm not posting her url here yet)

I speak with my original architect and he is grateful to have a little less on his plate

And yesterday I spoke with Susan at Fringe. The show is going on. We don't know when. September is out of the question. But maybe October or August will work. Worse comes to worse, I stay with June or July, whichever I originally proposed. And you get to read all about my nervous tics developing here on 23E Studios

This morning I set up this blog to track the progress of the project. Tomorrow or some time this week I will spell out the project as it now stands. That way you can read all about the minutiae of its reformulation over the next year.

In a nutshell,

This is a site-specific work for Los Angeles. I am founding a movie studio, 23E Studios, and the first film we are producing is (working title) Portal6.

The film will be premiered at Fringe Exhibitions and then go on to win film festival awards and be distributed all over the world. Initial investors will grow rich with their returns on the DVD edition.


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