Monday, October 8, 2007

Not much to report

Spoke with my lawyer today about creating contracts that give investors a continuing share. I had some fancy ideas, but she set me straight. We're going simple. The investors get a cut of any money I make. Neither collectors nor distributors have to deal with them or vice versa. It all goes through me and 23E Studios. Every penny I make, from day one, is divvied up between me and them. Looks like it'll be 1/50th of the gross for every thousand dollars invested.

We also discussed how to handle the project collapsing before it opens and how to legally be prepared for that worst case scenario.

I have asked her to think about how to create a contract that buyers of objects like the architectural model cinemas will have to sign, so that any money they make off resale is shared with investors. Trying to apply the filmic thinking of distribution to unique objects. Janet thinks that the objects are like DVDs and I should let right of first sale apply. But I'd prefer to create a contract that blurs that line and puts the art objects in the same class and on the same footing as the film.

Also asked her about potential new producers, since i'm relatively sure Chuck is going to bail on me.

Haven't heard from Kam. Worrisome.

Can't believe I'm hoping the upoming strike runs through next year just so I don't have to compete for talent. SELFISH!

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