Saturday, December 15, 2007

while you were away

Okay, sure,
I was away, not you.

But, nonetheless, we missed each other, didn't we?

Two pieces of news:

Well, I'm sure there's more, but

We have an architect, finally. Chris Chalmers has joined the crew. This is super exciting, one, because this issue is finally resolved, and two, because Chris has a reputation amongst his peers as one of the best digital artists in the field.
He's creating a fly-through and a set of digital blueprints for the theater.

We're a little overbudget now, as even with a substantial break on his usual fee, this will cost more than planned.
But the budget was designed with a fair amount of wiggle room.
And recently I've been squirming under the weight of this issue more than wiggling, so...

Today we're moving our SF offices from SOMA to the Richmond District.

For over four years, 23E Studios' parents, Green Door Studios and The Museum of Viral Memory, have been located in a warehouse space in beautiful downtown San Francisco. But now our entertainment empire, including the 23E Studios offices, will be found in a new suite of rooms in the distant West of SF. With Disembody moving ahead at full steam this move was rather inconvenient, and was the reason we disappeared for so long from the blog, but all in all will lead to a better production and happier atmosphere in which to work.
Never underestimate happiness.

So, that's it for today, we have movers arriving in less than an hour and need to finish packing up the office.
We're back and all is well. We're moving along just a bit behind schedule and a touch overbudget - it finally feels like a real film!

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