Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Crew and budget

Well, my first big foray into excel seems successful. We have a detailed line item budget. And it was surprisingly good news. The show can be pulled off for $23,000, I believe. Which puts us within $8,000, which is very doable. I'm quite confident we can raise that money in the coming months.

As well, I had been concerned about what our maximum budget might be, if everything I dream of comes to fruition. That absolutely can not exceed $40,000, if the investment break-down is to work. The good news is that we are still several thousand dollars under 40K, even when I dream extravagantly.

Okay, so that's all good news. But now do you want the frickin' great news?!

It looks like we have ourselves an arcade game designer. Yeah, that's right, straight up, we are going to have our very own Disembody flash game that is playable online at our website and on a stand-alone arcade machine in the theater.
Oh my heck! Could I be more excited? I don't think so. This is going to be fabulous.
Our designer is a gentleman named Mitch Cichocki. I hope to have bio info up for him on the site soon.
In the meantime, if I'm not mistaken, his myspace page (if I'm not mistaken that it is indeed his) suggests he's right up the 23E alley: his musical selection is Xenakis.

What else has happened this week?

The website is growing and getting stronger.
My interior designers gave me a budget for the theater interior and it is very reasonable. Have I mentioned how fabulous they are?

And speaking of fabulous, have I mentioned how fabulous Amy Sampson is? She not only hooked us up with Mitch, but also with her friend Jean who is submitting a trailer for the show. She also has supplied us with a fair amount of clothing. This will be going out to our embroiderer next week to be branded with our logos.
And she has been invaluable in finding investors.
Hence her executive producer status on the project. This could not happen without her enthusiastic assistance.

Jonny and I have also been talking a lot lately about a couple of additional aspects of the project. He suggested an online time clock so that we can actually track the amount of time that goes into a contemporary art work. This is a brilliant idea. And even though I'm a little concerned about where it could lead (jealousy), I think it's too brilliant an idea not to play around with.
As well, he's counseling me on making a slight change to the crew payout system. It would be an optional change that people could make. For now, that's all I'll say about that.

Finally, this is still in the air, but we have the possibility of bringing a puppeteer onboard for the week of the shoot. Skye and I are super excited by the idea, but still ahve to work out a lot of details.

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

We have a website

Friday night Erin uploaded She and Jonny have been busily tweaking it over the last day or so.

It's quite beautiful. There's still a lot of content waiting to go up, but having this up in place of the old site I had tossed together, I am now much more confident in contacting potential investors. I shot off one meeting request on Friday.

We still need to get the architectural fly-through up, along with design ephemera and the like, but, regardless, I encourage you to go poke around and send any feedback our way.

This afternoon Alex and I are gong to take a tour of digital video projectors at UC Berkeley. He's going to show me my range of options, from the 800 lumens LCD to the 7000 lumens DLP. And then we'll begin weighing quality against price.

Afterwards, were' meeting Skye, Elise and Marcella for a production meeting. I've asked Hanif to be there, as he and I need to really catch up on the composition of text for the piece.
Han is currently critiquing the drafts for all the text on 23E, tightening it up, and making it less emotional and rant-like. That's my style, and it is not (as my thesis folk will tell you) appropriate in critical discussions.
Hence my conceptual personal trainers, Han and Hanif.

Blogger is having trouble with uploads today, so I can't share the new, colored logos Erin made. But I'll do so later this week.

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