Sunday, March 9, 2008

We have a website

Friday night Erin uploaded She and Jonny have been busily tweaking it over the last day or so.

It's quite beautiful. There's still a lot of content waiting to go up, but having this up in place of the old site I had tossed together, I am now much more confident in contacting potential investors. I shot off one meeting request on Friday.

We still need to get the architectural fly-through up, along with design ephemera and the like, but, regardless, I encourage you to go poke around and send any feedback our way.

This afternoon Alex and I are gong to take a tour of digital video projectors at UC Berkeley. He's going to show me my range of options, from the 800 lumens LCD to the 7000 lumens DLP. And then we'll begin weighing quality against price.

Afterwards, were' meeting Skye, Elise and Marcella for a production meeting. I've asked Hanif to be there, as he and I need to really catch up on the composition of text for the piece.
Han is currently critiquing the drafts for all the text on 23E, tightening it up, and making it less emotional and rant-like. That's my style, and it is not (as my thesis folk will tell you) appropriate in critical discussions.
Hence my conceptual personal trainers, Han and Hanif.

Blogger is having trouble with uploads today, so I can't share the new, colored logos Erin made. But I'll do so later this week.

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