Monday, February 4, 2008

Announcement of our first crew meeting

Hello all,

We are having our first production meeting this coming Sunday, February 10th at 4pm.

I know many of you can not make this meeting, please do not fret. I will be in touch with everyone afterwards.

We are meeting in Berkeley at the home of Alex and Keturah. I will have a street address soon, in the meantime,

details expunged

They are the fourth house East of the parking lot, on the South side of the street.
Their place is easily accessible from BART. It's a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute bike ride. We can probably arrange car pooling or a bike posse.

I expect the following people to be there because they live in the area, so please let me know if you can not make it:

Amy & Marcella - cinematographers
Chadwick - director
Skye & Elise - editors

These five are the 23E Studios cinema production crew.

Carol-Anne & Keturah - interior design

These two, hopefully assisted by Carson, are designing, building and installing the ceiling, columns, wall murals, sconces, etc. They will transform the space from the odd boxy beauty David, Carson and I build into an actual Hollywood Dream House.
David, Carson, Alex and I will be assisting them in any way they need.

David - contractor

David is the primary builder on the project. He and I are meeting this Wednesday to go over the architecture plans and actually lay out the build proper. I will be working with him. Alex and Carson, if he is available, will assist us. As, I suspect, will many others once the build actually starts.

Carson - Executive Producer, contractor

Besides being the number one Angel investor, Carson, I am hoping, will be able to assist Keturah & C-Anne with the design elements. David & I will also be helping with these elements. Carson is probably going to be the jack-of-all-trades for all the construction aspects.

Alex - Producer

Alex is the other jack-of-all-trades on the project. His primary job is to keep Chadwick, Stel and I from having nervous breakdowns by bailing our asses out of the many fires we're engulfed in.

Hanif - Conceptual personal trainer

Hanif is going to make certain that Disembody is conceptually rigorous and muscular. He will be assisting with all the press and promotions.

The following people I do not expect to be in attendance as they live out of town or are away

Ted - architect

Ted and I are meeting Tuesday to go over the designs.

Janet - lawyer

Janet is drawing up the contracts everyone needs to sign with the studio. As well, she will be making certain we do not violate any laws.

Arthur - cinematographer

Arthur will be an additional camera on the project. As well, he and Janet are my parents, and many of us will be staying in their house/backyard while in LA.

Erin & Jonathan Grindstaff - IT

Erin & Jonathan are the web designers and programmers. They are putting together the rebuild of They will have an office in the lower level of Fringe and will be uploading and managing the website for the project while it is happening.

Libby Reed & Phil Spirito - composers

Libby and Phil will be composing the soundtrack for the film. They will have a small sound stage in the front windows of Fringe. They will be working closely with Chadwick and I. I expect to perform on the soundtrack as well as building the damn theater.

Yosh - perfumist

Yosh and I will be designing a series of scents for the space and for sale at the concession stand.

Stel - Audio/Visual design

Stel will be working with the design team and build crew to design the actual projection and audio of the theater. He and Ted and David and I will be meeting via Skype pretty regularly in the coming months. Odds are good that he will be working very closely with Alex.

Susan - Executive Producer

Last, but not least, Susan is the person who is making this whole thing happen. She's the owner of Fringe and I will be in touch with her, giving updates and taking advice every step of the way.

Having said that, I will be keeping the whole crew updated via

We can discuss this, but my inclination is not to spam folks with a new email every time something happens. Instead, I encourage you all to check the blog regularly to get updates on aspects of the production that may not affect you directly, but which will certainly affect you indirectly.

Okay, I can't even imagine how many things I've overlooked in this email, but it's already longer than any human will be able to tolerate, so...

A quick recap of dates as they currently stand:

July 5-12 -
build and install the production studio in the lower level of Fringe. Editing suite, IT and confessional will be installed and ready to go.
Delivery of all building materials.

July 12, evening -
opening. We will begin shooting and editing this evening.

July 13-19 -
build the theater on the main floor of Fringe. This will consist of a lobby with concession stand (and hopefully an arcade), a theater and auditorium seating. It will be decorated so as to resemble a classic Hollywood theater like the Egyptian. Or a space like the Castro.

July 19, evening -
the grand premier of the film, Disembody. This showing will be streamed directly from the editing suite, out of Final Cut Pro. Afterwards we will burn a DVD to use for showings.

July 20-22 -
Currently we are planning on showing Disembody for three days only. But this could be extended between now and then. Shows will occur at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm, I think.

July 22-29 -

Ideally, the longer folks are free for the LA portion of Disembody, the better. But I understand most of you will not be available for a full month. We will discuss actual dates when each person is most necessary in the coming months as dates firm up and we get an idea of what is realistic.