Thursday, January 31, 2008

Disembody gets the green light

Well, it's confirmed, The MVM is coming to Hollywood. We're founding a movie studio (23E Studios, natch). We're building a production facility. We're building a theater. We're shooting a film. And we're premiering that film in LA's chinatown.

I spoke with Susan at Fringe today and we agreed on July 2008 for the show. The tentative date for the show's opening is July 12, but that may shift by a week or so.

Susan is very excited and, as always, unbelievably supportive.

I, too, am excited.

I will meet with Ted Rzad and David Gurman next week to begin budgeting the build. And I need to get a start on the model with Ted. That could take awhile I suspect.
Then next Sunday I am holding a full crew meeting. I want to introduce everyone to each other. And do a presentation on the project. Answer questions and take ideas. And then collect head shots and bios. I also want to have meetings with the different crew units to get a sense of their needs, for budgeting purposes.

As well, today I ran into a friend and alumni of CCA's Visual and Critical Studies department, Hanif O'Neil. Hanif is amazing. He is insanely insightful on media and theory issues, as well as video and audio art. I broached the subject of bringing him on board to work with me on the press and other written materials for the show. He's interested, and hopefully we can meet next week to nail some things down. I'm hoping he'll agree to be my conceptual personal trainer.

This is going to be a wild ride. We are going to take Hollywood by storm!
And I'll be living with my parents.

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