Friday, November 16, 2007

Firday I Hunt for an Architect

In the never-ending search for an architect, I have sent out an email to the CCA MArch program in hopes that I can find a student with the skills (all of them) and time (none of them) necessary to get the drawings and 3D work done so that we can fundraise in December and January.
Airason, as you know, doesn't have time.
And my LA contact didn't pan out.
A random email two years ago provided me with Ted, that was about as faboo a working relationship and skilled find as one could ever desire. So, maybe I'll get lucky again.

In less frustrating news, Chadwick knows an art film distribution company in Minneapolis that may be interested in Disembody. So that's another potential distribution/investment source. I can't believe that raising money and finding a distributor is ending up to be the easiest part of this projetc. And finding someone to do frickin' basic renderings is what's killing me.


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