Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Star sighting and costumes

Well, how unHollywood of me to not mention how Amy and I ran into Bruce Willis on Robertson and Melrose the other day.
We were coming back to DDCLab after Lunch and I was watching these two kids horse around in the crosswalk and ran into this tall, skinny brunette. Literally, ran into her.
I apologized and she apologized and then her and the man she was with followed the kids across the street, calling out to them to slowdown.
And then Amy said to me
"That was Bruce Willis"
And I said,
"What? Huh? What?"
And turned around and yeah sure enough it was Bruce willis.

Star sightings, they're just not that exciting.

In Disembody news, however, we have great excitement. My friends Honyo Ote (in Tokyo) and Kathryn Wood (in SF) are going to help out with the film.

Kathryn is a seamstress. She worked professionally making clothes for a decade before her wrists started to go. Now she does custom jobs, mostly for theater (she's an actress).
Kathryn wears a lot of clothes she made for herself and they are always superb.
She has agreed to make usher and usherette outfits for Jack and I.
I did mention my friend Jack is coming out for the 19th-26th to be my usherette, didn't I? She's 16 and will be a fabulous worker for Disembody.
And now she and I will have matching outfits for the big show!

Ote (pronounced oh-tay) is a graphics artist. His illustrations decorate all of Nobu's CDs. I am making a page for him on Vime. So you'll be able to find some of his work there soon. Until then if you go to the Stowe-Pembleton Project on Vime, Ote did the cover art for Confusion Bleue and Hommage An Klaus Kinski.
Anyway, Ote is going to do the illustrations for our Japanese distribution campaign.

So exciting.

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