Thursday, March 6, 2008


Holy mackerel,

it's almost noon. I've been on email since 7:30am going over details with people. The logistics of this project are enormous. I spent most of yesterday writing copy for the website and the investor pamphlet, and discussing sound and composing and production details.

In many ways I really underestimated the amount of time I would need to put into this project. It's more than full time already, and we're four months out.
I cut back working to try and handle this and my thesis. Then I cut back my thesis (I'll finish in Fall now - I'm only doing 2/3 of the mandatory projects for graduation. I'll finish my thesis and do my defense of it come October or November.)

Not to complain. Disembody is amazing. To be able to work with so many of my favorite people on Earth is really something. I mean, think about it, as an artist, to have the opportunity to bring together people from across your life, from all three of my parents and my sister, to my friend Stel, who I've known for over 15 years, to Phil and Libby and Nobu, musicians I've played with for a decade, to many of my closest friends from grad school, to my current girlfriend, to an ex and her daughters who totally changed my outlook on life, to new friends like Susan, whose support has been simply unbelievable.

Really, this is a dream come true to have a chance to work with all of these people to try and create something that demonstrates the Utopian power of art, it's power to instill hope.

Having said that, holy mackerel, I really understimated the time commitment. ROFL.

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