Saturday, March 1, 2008

Links ,we've got links

A fury of emails this morning!

I announced to the cast that we have changed directors.

Amy found another filmmaker to make one of our trailers.

Susan sent me a link to the Deitch show by Michel Gondry. I adore it. It's so utoipan. I love utopianism. I totally think Disembody is a utopian venture.

Marcella sent me this vid from the NYTimes

I also love Michel Gondry.

And Han pointed me to the Vezzoli Guggenheim show of last year

Naked Attic blog

Vezzoli's NY Times blog

Art Info

So I've been researching a bit this morning.
Definitely check out the Vezzoli's blog on the NY Times. The 70's Italian videos are fricking amazing. I'm so totally in love with them. They're not Disembody, but they are sooo Forever What?
I don't think Disembody is too closely related in approach to Vezzoli, but there are many ways the shows intersect. I'm not concerned with celebrity. And he's not concerned with collectivity or collaboration.
But we're both using the language of cinema and performance to try and open out art and engage audiences.
I'll write more after I've finished all of his NY Times blogs.

I met with Janet today. We went over some changes in how the money will be distributed. Yesterday's post covers it pretty well. She is in agreement that the crew's pay is budget and should be paid out before investors recoup their moneys.

Also met with Amy and discussed some potential investors. She has also hooked me up with her friend Jean, an L.A. video artist, who is interested in producing a trailer for us. That's exciting.

Okay, off to the Fringe opening.

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