Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Naturally, things change

Last night I got the bad news that the director, Chadwick, is not going to be able to stay onboard. Here's his email:


I got some nasty news. Due to a number of projects I have going on
and the unexpectedly shortened shooting schedule of my video project
in minneapolis, I don't think I'm going to be able to give your
project the attention it needs. My friend andrew and i received
funding for a video project last august and we need to knock it out
over the summer. originally this was not the case but due to changes
in his life and mine, it has to be this way. but, I know how
important this project is to you so I don't want to leave you hanging
and I will still to what I can to help but I think you'd be much
happier with someone who could devote more time and energy to the
project. I wont leave you hanging if you really need me and we can
talk about this more but if you had someone else in mind, they would
probably serve you better.

sorry about this, my life is just getting far too complicated right
now and I'm barely able to juggle the things I have.

i hope your solitude is productive in LA. I never made it down like
I thought I would.

You can see why I work with the people I do. They are the most amazingly stand up bunch of folks ever.

I read this last night after spending 8 hours stuck at the SF airport.
This morning I'm re-org'ing. As it stands now, I think Skye will be stepping into the director's role. I spoke with him and Elise today, and they both feel like that is a logical move. He'll give the project a very different flavor, but given that, like Chadwick, I've seen a good deal of Skye's work, and loved every bit of it, I'm very confident that Skye will craft a brilliant and engaging film.
Elise will probably be the sole editor. Skye and others will assist her, but there won't be the tag team editing earlier envisioned.

I always knew these sorts of changes were going to be constantly taking place. And at this point, with such a large crew, I am hoping to move people around as folks drop out, rather than bringing in new people. I think I need to use this as an opportunity to start getting Disembody more in sync with the budget we have. I am confident we will find more investors, but at this stage I am beginning the process of bringing budget and project in line. And then I will regrow aspects of the film as we find new investors.

Anyway, that's this morning's big news. I have a 2pm meeting with Erin, the project designer, to look at the website and logos and other promotional materials.

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