Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The mighty fly through

Curious about what this whole thing might look like?
Well here's a quick fly-through created by Chris Chalmers at
It's fun to watch, but even more fun to drag the cursor along at your own pace. At least I think so. I like to be able to linger over the lobby and hallway and such.

As well, it's more fun to watch BIG. So here's a link to the mpg which you can download.

A walk-through the fly-through:

First we're putting two walls up, floor to ceiling, to divide the gallery into a lobby, a theater and a hallway between them. The walls have a pair of doors in them which allow wheelchairs access to the theater, and an easy exit for crowds at film's end.
A stage is built in the theater, as are bleachers.

In the hallway between the theater and lobby a flight of stairs will be built. (The purple you see at that point is the concession stands going in, as well). The walls will be skinned with drywall. The lobby entrance will have a curtain over it. The theater door will be an actual door, locked from the outside so that people can only access the theater from the hall stairs, emerging out onto the stage, unless accompanied by an usher.
Stairs will lead off the stage.
The bleachers are skinned with a foam and cloth seat and a mirrored riser element to reflect the film at guests as they emerge onto the stage.

In this view you can clearly see the full space subdivided into its three elements: lobby, transitional hallway, theater.

At this point we switch to an exterior view from the front of the gallery, as if we are guests entering. We pass through the doors of Fringe into the lobby. Then we move past the concession stand, through the curtain into the hallway.

Once in the hallway, most guests will go up a flight of stairs, and then emerge through the film screen - walking out of the film, as it were - onto the stage. They will then go down a flight of stairs to the side of the stage. They will cross the theater floor and go up into the bleachers to watch the film.

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