Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcoming onboard a second editor

Today I met with Elise, our current editor, her boyfriend Ben, and our friend Skye. Skye is a frickin' amazing. He's a faboo artist and incredibly skilled editor. He's also a whiz with special fx in aftereffects. We've collaborated a bit and it is always a joy.

Skye has agreed to come onboard Disembody as co-editor. The more I think about it, the more I've been thinking that I would need more than one editor. Elise will need to sleep sooner or later. And because the nature of this project is to be generating footage, from two cameras, almost non-stop, the editor is going to be swamped day and night. Add in the confessional booth and Elise was going to be broken on the rack of my vision by Day 3 or 4.

Bringing Skye onboard, and safely assuming that Chadwick will be heavily involved in the editing suggests that maybe we can actually get footage rendered, edited, soundtracked, etc in the time we have.

So, today we moved another step closer to pulling this whole thing together and making a Hollywood flick.

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