Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spending money to make money

That's Hollywood's mantra, and so it is ours!

Well, maybe not entirely.

But I just met with Chris (at Quetzal in Polk Gulch) and his designs are developing beautifully. The sketch-up animation is looking great, you can really get a sense of the gallery, and as the theater is built up in stages you can actually feel the piece coming together. It's fabulous. The studs go up one at a time and then the skin and the other elements, ending with a number of polygonal bodies filling the space.

The fly-through animation is even better. All the same elements, the studs going up one by one, the skin going on, the curtain falling into place, the wheelchair door/emergency exit...

Oh yeah, you read right, we added an emergency exit to the side of the screen. And it doubles as a wheelchair entrance. 23E Studios does not mess around when we build a theater.

So, I'm very excited about this. Saturday I should have a rough to post here. And then a finished sketch-up and a final fly-through.
OMFG, this project is going to sooo bring in the box office. We are going to totally win the weekend we open! At least for Chung King Road.

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