Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm Back!

Yeah, well, I hope so anyway.

Many apologies folks. The move out of our SOMA offices to the new Richmond District facilities was hectic. That married to the holiday season, a recent spate of stormy weather, and limited internet connectivity in our new studio (the telco should be here today to install the dsl) drew us away from the web and our faithful blogging.

Hmm, truth be told, my distaste for all things computer while my thesis writing hangs over my neck was a bigger issue.

The pix are the old 23E Studios, btw.

Anyway, a catch up note now:

Susan and I spoke via email a few times over the break and I should have the dates for the show soon.
I am meeting Chris, the architect, tomorrow to look at his renderings and fly-through. Below is a few seconds of the fly-through, which looks very good. I think we will have a very strong package for marketing and raising funds in the coming months.

As well, Stel Valavanis is on board (to my great honor, he really liked the idea) to design and install the audio and video elements. He has much of the gear we'll need. And though it's probably not worth shipping from Chicago, he does know what we'll need to rent, and most importantly, knows how to get it all up and running smoothly and beautifully.

As well, I spoke with David G today, and the one thing I will just keep coming back to about Disembody is the incredible quality of the crew we have assembled. This film is going to be superb.

So, though we are behind schedule on fundraising, everything is looking up otherwise. The coming months will be all about marketing and investments.
In early Feb or late January I will be holding the first full crew meeting to go over everything.
Oh, and there should be a new, better website by then, as well. Erin and Johnny visited over the holiday and they are fucking geniuses. Hiring them was a real coup.

So, as '08 slips into our hands, 23E is looking forward to a stunning new project come Summer/Fall.


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