Thursday, November 8, 2007

well my stars and garters

Thats' a nice phrase don't you think?

Anyway, yesterday I got great feedback about the revised proposal I'm writing for fundraising. Now I just need to find time to write it.
As well, Erin made an intial home page for me to look at. And, of course, it's brill.
I also sent out an email to everyone involved asking for bios etc. The website is going to serve as the first line of promotion, because...

Damn it, getting elevations and fly-throughs and the like made is hard. Airason wasn't able to find anyone who could help at CCA. And he's not got time himself.
So I'm pursuing another lead in LA now.

I have a review in school in 6 days, and then again two weeks after that. So, the next three weeks will be a real challenge to find time for generating content and creating the PR book, but those are my priorities. I want to go into December with a site and book for PR. And then I want to put together a press release to send out.

Plus I need to get us listed in Variety.

last night I was all cleaned up for a scholarship dinner at CCA. I met the donor who funds my scholarship and she was magnificent. I had attended because I need practice schmoozing. And Christin made schmoozing seem like hanging out with a great new friend. I am getting pix from the photog who was there later today and will post them when I can.

I told Christin all about the project and she really seemed to like it. That was incredibly gratifying.
Plus she's an artist herself, and her work sounds very much up my alley. We had many tastes in common, which was nice.

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