Friday, November 9, 2007

quick update

I have a lead on another architect. Friend of a friend. Naturally. That's the best way to live.
May fly (or bus) down to LA next week if he's interested in participating and available. I need to make the fly-thru and elevations my number one priority so that I can really get to fundraising.

Also, emailed a friend who is a brill glass worker. He's interested in making the bottles for the three signature scents that will accompany Disembody. I'll try and meet him next week to follow-up on that.

I created a resume and account at imdb last night. Still waiting for it to post. But once I have a url I'll put it up here.
And I'll make an entry for Disembody as a film in pre-production, which we are.

Also got the Hollywood Reporter paperwork, so we should be listed there as being in pre-production within a few weeks.

Soon I'll be posting a conversation I'm having with Marcella, one of my fine cinematographers, best friends, and biggest inspirations. OMG, and, I totally didn't think of this until now, the woman ramming her spinal cord through the back of my skull in the 23E Studios logo!
Logo designed by the wonderful Alex Lukas, btw.
Anyway, we've been discussing one of the meanings Disembody has for me in a series of emails. And I'd like to bring that discussion into the public sphere.
(By which I mean, this blog which exists in the public sphere and is read by a handful of people besides myself at this stage.)
But I'd love to get everyone's feedback on this idea of collaboration, so I'll set it up as a discussion thread where as many folks can contribute as want.

Every blog entry loves a picture, so that's my cousin Tim heading up this post.

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