Thursday, November 22, 2007

Quick Thanksgiving update

As promised, here's the photo of me and Christin Nelson at the CCA scholarship dinner. We spoke at length. She's a really nice person and very intelligent artist. We had a lot of interests in common. What I was afraid would be an uncomfortable mixing, turned out to be a very fascinating dinner thanks to her charm and wit.
The photo was taken by Douglas Sandberg, who was also very nice. All in all a really nice evening.

In other news, the revised proposal went out yesterday.

Also of note,
one of my oldest and best friends is a musician/artist and computer genius in Chicago. Stel runs his own business, has a family, and finds time to make amazing multi-channel sound and video installations. He also sits on the boards of a variety of political and art non-profits in Chicago.
All this to say, he's an amazing person, a great artist, and a brilliant A/V nerd.
This weekend I asked him to join the crew of Disembody.
He will be designing and installing the sound and video system for the theater if he can get away during the period we need him.
That will be amazing. He and I have a long history of collaborating on music and video work. I'm very excited at the prospect of working with him again.

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