Saturday, November 10, 2007

More good news

In today's news, I wined and dined Alex Lukas and Keturah Cummings last night, and both are onboard for Disembody. This very good news for the project. Both are technically saavy and exceedingly skilled at camerawork. More importantly, it was Alex and Keturah who stepped in at the last minute in May and poured every minute of their free time into Portal 3. There is absolutely no way that Portal 3 would have been finished on time if it had not been for Alex and Keturah.
(It should also be noted, since we're giving out cred where cred is due, that my sister was the third part of the trinity that stepped in at the last minute and helped The MVM pull off a spectacular show/performance in May.)

Alex and Keturah not only helped with tech, like setting up DVD players and TVs in ridiculous configurations, they sewed a curtain at the last minute to shroud the space; they built doorways and secure equipment shelves; painted; and heaven knows what else.

Securing their involvement makes me feel much better about Disembody. As it stands, I believe they are going to be camera crew. Realistically, we are going to be working brutally long days, and I'm going to need more than two camera people. Brining in Alex and Keturah means Amy and Marcella get breaks.
Truthfully, I think it means I have a crew large enough that everyone can take breaks. Everyone except Chadwick, he's the director. Directors get all the credit, so they get no breaks.

As well, I spoke with Nate, glassblower and friend, and he is meeting me next Friday to discuss making the bottles for the signature scents that will be for sale at the concession stand. So, all is moving along at a healthy pace.

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