Tuesday, November 6, 2007

good news?

before we get to the good news,

I have not heard from Airason, the architect. I'll call him tomorrow. I can't believe the fucking architecture drawings are what I'm getting stuck on. So fucking amazing. Did not see that coming.

I left a message for Laris today. He's a friend of a friend and I'm hoping he has advice on PR and marketing in LA. He's Philly based but is the founder of Arthur magazine. He may have some good LA connex. I'm hoping he can point me in the right direction for getting a PR machine going in LA.

The big news is still secretish. A friend of a friend who works for an art video distributor heard about Disembody. And requested info. So my friend asked me for a proper proposal for them. Which means I have to put that together. But it's pretty dang cool to think we might be considered by this place. They handle much bigger folks than I, so I don't have high expectations. But, on the other hand, my luck tends to be unrivaled in most things, which is how I pull these sorts of large scale projects off, so who knows, maybe in a month or two I can tell you all about our big distribution deal.

For now, Chad, my director, and Janet, my lawyer, and Arthur, my father, are looking at the existing proposal to offer advice on how to impress big hoodoos in LA.

I think that's all the progress in the past few days.

Oh, wait, I spoke with Yosh about specialty bottles for the scents. I'm probably going to have all the bottles blown individually for the concession stand. Vime for Men and Vime for Women and the theater scent for the architectural models will all be in handmade bottles.

The budget just keeps going up.

I love this project.

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